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4 reasons why Influencer Marketing will continue to grow

Influencers have become an integral part of the marketing strategy for almost all the brands around the world. Authentic and relevant influencer collaboration helps in creating brand awareness, builds trust with the audience and eventually results in driving up the sales.

To break it down in Layman’s terms, Influencer marketing is all about roping in popular faces with a high number of followers on social media in order to reach your target audience. An influencer has a connection with the followers, a trust is already builded and he/she is in a position to influence the audience’s decision.

Our interaction with content is on a regular basis, be it consciously or unconsciously. Content from these influencers reaches a wider mass than traditional marketing strategies and this is precisely why it has become a larger part of marketing budgets.

We spend most of our free time online on various social media platforms throughout the day. We mindlessly scroll through the feed and stories even during the few minutes we get between meals or tasks or anything random. Leveraging the same habit, brands are inclined towards getting influencers on board who have relevance to their products. If there is anything that the pandemic has taught us, then it’s the power of social media. From a common man to an influencer, to a celebrity, everyone has used social media to help each other be it for medicines, food or hospital vacancies.

Such is the power of influencer marketing, it is predicted that this industry will reach $15 billion by 2022. It is constantly evolving and there is no saturation to this. Here are the four reasons why influencer marketing will continue to grow and how brands are leveraging it.

1. More influencers, more content -

As the industry continues to grow, more and more people are turning themselves into a brand and indulging into influencer marketing. With the increasing number of influencers, the type of content is also increasing which is helping in attracting the audience to the niche products the brands are aiming for.

2. Influencer marketing agencies are in great demand -

The increasing demand of influencers for marketing arises the need for agencies who can put the brands in touch with them to promote their products the right way. Agencies are equipped with experience and tools and manpower to approach the influencers and track the deal. It becomes easier for the influencers as well to get connected and work with the brands.

3. Increases brand awareness -

Audience connects to the popular faces quickly and it develops a sense of trust in them. When they promote a certain product or the brand, the audience tends to put their trust in the brand directly, which helps in driving up the sales.

4. Influencer partnerships turning into ambassador partnerships -

When the brand sees significant difference after investing into influencer marketing, they usually move ahead and get the influencer on-board as their brand ambassador. This is a sensible decision as the target audience has already connected the brand with the face so instead of roping in someone new altogether and going through the entire testing period again, making the ambassador is a wise option.

In today’s era where everything is a touch away, adapting to influencer marketing is in the brand’s benefit. Leveraging the influence they hold over the target audience works in everyone’s favour. Accepting a change is never a cakewalk, but good changes require a flexible approach for it to work for you. Safe to say, this is certainly a good change.

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