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Brand awareness | Celebrity driven strategy

The Brief

Biryani By Kilo was founded in 2015 to deliver freshly dum-cooked handi biryani using the best ingredients. When the brand approached us in 2019, it expected us to create customer awareness through Bollywood celebrities & influencers. They also wanted to highlight the unique concept of making biryani through the press.

Doing something unique and different for each brand is our identity. So we accepted the Challenge.

The plan

We came up with a long-term strategic plan and figured out the creative areas from where we could gain the demand and loyalty to the food chain. We sent out the biryani to more and more celebrities and got a huge shout-out, drastically increasing the brand's sales and followers on their Instagram page. They were largely covered by the press and various food critics.

Celebs having

biryani by kilo

Media Coverage

The result

Biryani By Kilo – we created loyalty among celebrities and influencers. The exposure also helped the brand to capture a new and larger audience. During the times of COVID-19, we planned a different concept of doing Instagram lives with celebrities and talking about food, which was a big hit for the brand.

good words from the client


It’s always a pleasure to work with Maddie and his team. Their PR, Celebrity engagement & human connects are excellent.


They have played a major role and getting our brand visible among Bollywood celebrities.
I look forward to our continuing association with Glad U Came to work on creating broader spheres for Biryani By Kilo.

— Vishal Jindal, Co-founder-Biryani By Kilo

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