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5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Mumbai for an unforgettable dining experience!

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Mumbai, the city of dreams, is known for its rich cultural heritage, bustling streets, and delicious food. The city offers a variety of dining options, from street food to high-end restaurants and is home to some of the best restaurants in India, offering a wide range of cuisines to satisfy every palate. In this blog, let us explore the top five restaurants in Mumbai that you must visit.

Interiors of this new space

Amazonia is a newly opened restaurant located in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai, which offers an immersive dining experience in a rainforest-themed setting. The restaurant's interior design is inspired by the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, with hanging plants, tree-shaped central columns, soft fabric chandeliers, and a combination of jewel tones of purple and green, emphasizing the tropical theme. The restaurant has three main areas, including the central zone, the branding wall with the dining space, and the illuminated bar.

The menu at Amazonia offers a range of global cuisines, including American, Asian, and Italian, with a focus on Japanese, Italian, Thai, and Korean dishes. The menu is divided into four categories, including salads, grills, sushi, bites, fish, and meat. The restaurant is well known for its fresh hand-rolled dumplings, sourdough pizzas, salads, and mocktails.

The restaurant has become a popular destination for party and family dining in Mumbai, with its decor complementing the carnival spirit.

2) Yazu

This is a hub for Asain food lovers

Yazu is a Pan-Asian restaurant that offers a fusion of traditional and modern Asian cuisine. Located in Andheri West, it is the perfect place to try a variety of authentic Asian dishes. The restaurant has a cosy ambiance, making it ideal for casual dining and sipping signature cocktails such as the Wasabi Martini.

The food menu at Yazu is a mix of Korean, Japanese, and Tibetan dishes. The head chef, Chef Vadim, brings the best of Korean and Japanese cuisine and offers dishes that combine traditional elements with modern flavours. The restaurant offers a wide range of signature cocktails. One of the highlights of the menu is the Poke bowl, a Hawaiian dish that is deeply rooted in Japanese cuisine. Also, their Rock Shrimp Tempura deserves a place on your list.

In conclusion, Yazu Mumbai is an excellent choice for those who want to explore Pan-Asian cuisine. With a wide range of dishes and signature cocktails, it offers a unique dining experience.

3) Eve

Enter a world of aesthetics

Eve is a new all-day diner located in the heart of Powai, Mumbai, that offers a farm-to-fork menu and an ambiance of classic glamour, and warm decor. The restaurant features a vintage doorway, a 30ft high library wall, an island bar, regal chandeliers, fabric lamps, and a combination of wood, plants, ceramics, and cane, creating an atmosphere that evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth, making it an extension of the living room where customers can drink, eat and hang out for hours. The restaurant's menu focuses on the ingredients used rather than a particular cuisine, and they have a zero-waste policy that supports local farmers.

Eve aims to provide an inclusive space for anyone who wishes to spend some quality time with friends or themselves, making it a perfect place for young creative professionals, outgoing residents, and the large corporate culture that surrounds Powai.

For a heart warming experience

Ishaara is a modern Indian restaurant located in Lower Parel, Mumbai. Ishaara's decor features green elements, such as plants on the wall, tall pots, and succulents on community tables. The restaurant's ambiance is relaxing, with soft music streaming in the room, mellow covers of popular English numbers.

The restaurant's menu offers a mix of robust Indian food at appealing prices, with a section dedicated to crunchy, tangy, and knockout chaat. Their dahi puri is considered the best in Mumbai. The menu also has a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, including the mutton dori kebab and the Dindigul biryani, fragrant with hammering notes of masala. The seafood is equally flavourful, be it the mellow John Dory Moilee or the salmon tikka spiked with dill.

Overall, Ishaara Mumbai is a landmark opening and a must-visit restaurant for those looking for modern Indian cuisine.

One8 Commune is a restaurant chain owned by the Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli. The restaurant, located in Juhu, features European-style interiors with warm, earthy tones, high ceilings, and sculptures on walls. It has an outdoor seating area that is cool and casual, an indoor area with wooden seating, a library housing books, and a living room setup with a sofa, chairs, and a rectangular low table.

The restaurant offers global cuisine with plant-based options for health-conscious customers. The Avocado Tartare, Mushroom Googly Dimsums and Cajun Herb Spiced Chicken for appetizers are worth trying. Main course options span Asian, Indian, and European dishes, with must-tries being the Chicken Railway Curry and Singaporean Prawn Curry.

Overall, the restaurant has a homely yet elegant social vibe and is spacious enough with an ambience that works well from day to night. One8 Commune assures that you leave the space with a big smile and memorable moments.

In conclusion, Mumbai is a city of diverse cultures, and the same is reflected in its culinary scene. The five restaurants mentioned above offer unique dining experiences, from the immersive rainforest ambiance of Amazonia to the cozy Pan-Asian feel of Yazu. Eve Mumbai's farm-to-fork menu and Ishaara Mumbai's modern Indian cuisine add to the city's vibrant food scene, while One8 Commune offers a blend of global cuisine in a comfortable setting. Mumbai's food culture is ever-evolving, and these restaurants are just the tip of the iceberg. Exploring the city's culinary delights is an adventure in itself, and there's always something new to discover.

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